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Divorce is often a very emotional and trying time during individuals’ lives because it involves issues of such deeply personal concern.  Legal counseling and representation during divorce aids in the tough decisions that must be made.  Mr. Stinson believes everyone should benefit from access to legal counseling or representation during divorce and offers a wide range of services to suit individuals’ needs.  He can provide advice through consultation, drafting of forms and pleadings, mediation to parties wishing to negotiate a marital settlement agreement, limited scope representation, or full scope representation as an individual’s advocate in court.  

Obtaining a divorce in California requires at minimum filing numerous judicial council forms appropriately filled out to properly effectuate the procedures to legally end a marital relationship. Often, however, divorce involves issues including property division, support, and child custody.  There are many ways to approach obtaining a divorce, but all are civil suits in a court of law that require a court order to be final.  

A party may obtain a default if the other party refuses to participate in judicial procedures. Parties may also formulate their own settlement in an uncontested divorce by entering into a Marital Settlement Agreement that becomes part of a court’s order. Alternatively, divorces may be contested where parties cannot agree on one or more issues such as property division, support, or child custody.

Divorce encompasses some of the most important decisions an individual will make in their life, which cannot be well made without knowledge of one’s legal rights.  Mr. Stinson approaches legal representation in Divorces & Family Law matters by educating his clients on the law and the relevant issues to consider in determining what course of action is in a particular client’s best interest.  Many times it is beneficial for parties to reach a settlement because it allows control of the contours and architecture of an agreement that work best for their particular circumstances.  However, where a party takes unreasonable positions Mr. Stinson has the experience to take cases to trial if necessary in order to advocate for his client’s best interest.  

Alternatively, parties may wish to legally separate their interests, but not obtain a divorce. Parties may be interested in this option for various reasons. If so, they may obtain a legal separation instead of a divorce.  Schedule a consultation with Mr. Stinson to see how he can help you, or if you have questions regarding the divorce process.     

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