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      Child Custody

      The main guiding principle that affects a court’s decisions in custody matters is the best interest of a child.

      Custody Issues

      Mediation can be beneficial in custody cases

      Child custody can present some of the most emotional issues existing in Family Law. To parents, few things in life are as important as their children. The main guiding principle that affects a court’s decisions in custody matters is the best interest of a child. In most situations, a court has wide discretion in what serves this goal.  It is important to know what a court will consider relevant how best to advocate for a child’s best interest in custody matters whether in divorce, or subsequent thereto.       

      In a divorce, initial considerations include whether there will be joint or sole legal and physical custody of a child or children.  Legal custody includes the ability to make decisions regarding matters such as a children’s medical care and schooling among other things. Physical custody refers to whom the child resides in the physical care of.  Joint legal and physical custody is common.  Custody issues include a parent wanting to spend more time with their child, concern of how a child is being cared for while visiting with the other parent, and when a parent desires to move to a location away from the other parent that puts a strain their visitation time.

      Being a father of four children himself, Mr. Stinson is empathetic to and truly understands the importance of custody matters in his clients’ lives. Mediation can be beneficial in custody cases to reach a resolution to conflict where possible because it allows parties to move forward with co-parenting. However, where resolution isn’t reached, its important to have an effective advocate. Mr. Stinson stands ready to advocate for children’s best interests. Schedule a consultation to see how he can help with your custody matter.    

      “Tom represented me through a highly contentious and complicated child custody case that lasted for almost one year. Throughout the entirety of the case, he exuded a high degree of professionalism and a keen understanding of family law. He walked me through every step of the arduous legal process, making sure I had a good understanding of it. He fought vigilantly and methodically for me during all court proceedings.

      Most importantly, while my case was oftentimes emotionally charged, Tom always remained calm and provided a high level of support, empathy and compassion. My case ended favorably and I owe it to Tom. Without hesitation, I would recommend him for any family law matter.”

      Jennifer E.