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Thomas S. Stinson offers civil litigation with a focus on Divorce & Family Law.  Tom’s desire to focus in this area grew from legal experiences across multiple practice areas that allowed him the perspective and realization he is most passionate about focusing in issues pertaining to the family.   

Santa Cruz Divorce & Family Law

Divorce and Family Law matters present very personal and emotional issues, often involving some of the most important decisions individuals will make during their lives.  Tom considers it a great honor to counsel and serve his clients during such important times.  He has the experience to counsel on all issues in Family Law, from a simple divorce, to issues involving custody and complex property division.    

Tom first experienced Family Law matters through the lens of a Judge’s perspective while working with the Honorable Judge Brian C. Walsh in the Family Division of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County during law school.  There, he learned what information Judges find valuable in the courtroom while evaluating Family Law matters.        

In his legal career, Tom has found his undergraduate degree in Business Management Economics and previous corporate experience in finance useful when evaluating complex property division issues.  Whether determining interests in multiple real estate holdings, retirement assets, stock options, or valuation of business ownership interests, Tom’s propensity for quantitative analysis allows him to advocate effectively for his clients’ best position.    

Many times parties are able to settle disputes through negotiating an agreement.  This provides at least two distinct advantages:

  • First, it places you in control of being able to negotiate terms you can agree with; and
  • Second, it is cost-effective in avoiding the full financial impact of expensive trial litigation.

Tom will counsel you on the applicable law and relevant facts working with you to develop terms acceptable to you and that protect your rights.  Tom sees his role as legal counsel to include educating his clients and providing as many options as possible to bring about resolution to conflict when possible.  However, if the other party is unreasonable in their positions Tom relies on his Family Law trial experience to advocate for his client’s best interest in the courtroom when necessary.      

From a straight forward divorce, to those involving custody and/or complex property division issues, to those matters requiring advocacy through trial procedures, Tom has the experience to provide effective solutions in your Divorce & Family Law case.  

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